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Recent Posts

3 min read

Why it's an exciting time to join GSM

By GSM on 10/10/19 9:45 AM

Why does the Fall season always bring about a sense of energy, yet also reflection? Maybe it’s a sense of relief that Houston is finally experiencing temps dip below 90 degrees again? Or maybe it’s because this time of year pushes us to remember the excitement we felt as kids as we watch our own children go back to school to soak up all they can learn?

Topics: GSM Culture
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6 min read

3 Ways to Turn Casual Customers Into Brand Ambassadors

By GSM on 8/14/19 9:09 AM

For marketers, one challenge remains paramount: getting your message to stand out from the noise that consumers encounter daily. As brands continue to flood the market with their own unique messaging, marketing regulations are working to keep the public from growing weary.

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4 min read

Think Outside the Inbox (Part 3 of 3)

By GSM on 4/9/19 9:10 AM

Welcome back to GSM’s three-part series on email deliverability. In Part 1, we covered 'Who' should receive your email campaigns while Part 2 discussed 'How' an email makes it to the right inbox - from send to receive. Now, it’s time to take a closer look at 'What' should be included in your email to help it get opened and land in subscribers' inboxes.

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1 min read

Rock Star Client Shout Out

By GSM on 4/5/19 2:12 PM

 Every year, Toyota recognizes its top-performing dealerships with the prestigious President's Award. This award represents the highest honor a dealership can receive from Toyota and is awarded to dealerships that demonstrated a commitment to upholding Toyota's high standards for customer satisfaction.

Topics: GSM Culture
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4 min read

Think Outside The Inbox (Part 2 of 3)

By GSM on 4/4/19 9:48 AM

In part one of our email deliverability series, we covered the basics of 'Who' should receive your email campaigns. For part two, GSM will take a deeper-dive into 'How' an email travels from send to receive -and everything in between.

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2 min read

Lifecycle Offer Strategies for Fixed Ops

By GSM on 4/1/19 9:08 AM

With over 30 years in the biz, GSM knows tried and true methods for driving customer acquisition and retention. Follow along with us as we discuss the best offer strategies to use throughout the automotive lifecycle.

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3 min read

Think Outside the Inbox (Part 1 of 3)

By GSM on 3/27/19 9:44 AM

Ever wonder about the technical ins and outs of sending an email? Hint: it’s a lot more than just clicking 'Send'. At GSM, we manage email campaigns for every Tier in the automotive industry. So, we asked our digital gurus to help demystify the 'Who', 'How', and 'What' behind email. We put together this handy series on email deliverability to help you understand what goes on behind the scenes.

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5 min read

Targeted media for auto dealers

By GSM on 3/20/19 1:01 PM

Driving conversions (service visit, car sale) in your local market requires a complete understanding of how consumers shop for cars and how they are influenced by automotive advertising. Recent research from Nielsen shows that car shoppers start their path to purchase with two to three brands on average1. But, when car shoppers are ready to buy, they typically consider five brands - nearly twice as many cars as they did at the beginning of their journey2. This fact is HUGE for dealerships. Why? It’s simple – this means dealers have the unique opportunity to influence buying decisions very late in the game and that consumers are open to considering other brands3.

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4 min read

GSM's Year-End Events

By GSM on 12/19/18 8:50 AM

The end of the year is a hectic time for everyone - from the holidays to planning for the New Year. GSM has been busy, but we still find time to give back and have some fun along the way!

Take a look at our recent year-end events: 

Topics: GSM Culture
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3 min read

Stay in Your Lane - Smart Paid Search

By GSM on 12/17/18 7:20 AM

Manufacturers and dealer groups spend millions of dollars to drive search results for their brands and their regions. However, all too often, dealerships are bidding on the same terms- competing with their OEMs for visibility. For most dealerships, it’s hard to come close to competing with OEM ad dollars.

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