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GSM Launches New Inbound Phone Call Solution - Service Overflow

10/3/18 1:30 PM

GSM Launches Inbound Phone Call Solution, Service Overflow
10% of service calls go unanswered and 62% of callers will hang up within one minute when placed on hold1But, what if we told you your dealership could answer overflow calls? With GSM’s Service Overflow, your inbound service calls come first.

Missed calls are missed revenue. In fact, if a GSM dealership misses just 5 calls a day, it could miss up to a whopping $313,560 in revenue per year!* Luckily, our professionally trained staff schedules service appointments and gathers hot leads, allowing you to spend more time with the customers in front of you. Whether you’re short staffed, experiencing high call volumes, inundated with high foot traffic, or simply in need of a helping hand - your dealership can be there for every customer.




 Want to learn the nitty-gritty on Service Overflow? Click heremouse-cursor-click.


The Importance of Inbound Call Handling
Inbound phone calls convert to revenue 10x-15x more than webleads because individuals who call a business typically have a higher purchasing intent than someone who fills out a web form2. In fact, customers who initiate inbound calls convert 30% faster, spend 28% more, and have a 28% higher retention rate3.

Inbound call handling ensures your outbound marketing efforts are addressed, closing another gap in the customer journey for a truly seamless omnichannel experience. Whether consumers are calling from a display ad, a social ad, paid search results, or a direct mail piece, your marketing leads are met with an answer – decreasing cost-per-lead and increasing conversions.



* Statistic calculated using GSM proprietary data 
1 Marchex Analytics Firm, 2016
2 BIA/Kelsey
3 Marchex Analytics Firm & Forrester, 2017; Pick up the Phone: your Best Customer is on the Line


Written by GSM

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