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2 min read

[Webinar]: The Biggest Area of Growth for Automotive

10/25/19 10:05 AM

What's 'wrong' with the Paid Search example below? Hint: compare the search query "chevrolet silverado tires" with the search results.


If you're having trouble figuring out why it's a 'negative' thing that a Chevy dealership is ranking first for a Chevy tires search query, then this webinar is for you! 


Join GSM and Google as we discuss the state of automotive Paid Search advertising. This on-demand webinar covers everything you need to know about paid search for the auto industry including topics such as: 

The 2019 automotive landscape

  • The number of cars on the road is at an all-time high
  • New car sales are declining or flat while floor plan prices are steady or rising
  •  The average age of a car on the road is rising

How can marketing improve revenue and profit?

How do these factors affect dealers in terms of strategy, budget allocation, and potential return on investment?

The largest area of growth: Fixed Ops revenue

  • Automotive-specific Paid Search statistics and what they mean for dealerships and the auto industry
  • Fixed Ops profit margins are much higher than front-end
  • A larger portion of consumer repairs is going to independent shops instead of dealerships

 What metrics should my dealership focus on growing? Why?

How can dealers grow and take back this market share?

Plan of action

  • Understanding 'Prominence' and 'Prominence Metrics'
  • Stop ‘searching’ yourself and use Google Ad Preview instead
  • Utilize Google Ads Smart Bidding

What are Prominence metrics and why do they matter?

What is Google Ads Smart Bidding?

Why is searching for my dealership on Google a negative thing?


Our webinar answers all of these questions and more. It's time to take back Fixed-Ops market share and revenue with a strategy that works!

Watch webinar nowmouse-cursor-click



Written by GSM

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