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2 min read

GSM Hires Toyota DSPM as The Newest Sales & Performance Manager

By GSM on 6/25/23 7:02 PM

For the last 35 years, GSM has been a house hold name to thousands of dealerships nationwide when it comes to fixed-ops marketing. In 2021, GSM was acquired by Force Marketing and since then has looked to add the brightest and best onboard to their client success and performance teams. 

Their latest edition is a game-changer for GSM clients, with mountains of experience and a completely unique perspective. 

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7 min read

How to optimize your paid search strategy

By GSM on 10/7/20 11:04 AM

Any online advertiser can create a Paid Search campaign, but Paid Search success is only as strong as the strategy behind it. Below, GSM covers some of the top ways to strengthen your Paid Search campaigns across budgeting, audience targeting, and campaign structure.

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3 min read

The value of targeting Hispanic auto consumers

By GSM on 10/2/20 10:38 AM

Hispanic audiences are a critical demographic to target quite simply because this audience is the fastest-growing segment of the American population. Targeting this population of auto shoppers represents a massive source of untapped revenue for many dealerships.

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4 min read

Part 2: Reasons you missed a DMS customer to your competition

By GSM on 9/25/20 12:19 PM

If you missed part one of the series, click here. Part one covers common reasons for customer defection.

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3 min read

Part 1: Reasons you missed a DMS customer to your competition

By GSM on 9/25/20 12:05 PM

Your dealership’s CRM or DMS is full of thousands of hard-earned leads, but over time, it’s hard to keep them all engaged. You can do more with the customers in your DMS, rather than calling every 30 days or every few months. Luckily, there are many techniques you can apply to make sure your customers keep returning to your dealership and not a local competitor.

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2 min read

What is a Facebook Lookalike Audience?

By GSM on 9/17/20 3:09 PM

What are Lookalike Audiences?

Facebook creates Lookalike Audiences by using your own first-party data. It uses the customer information you have provided via a list upload, as well as  customers’ data from their Facebook (interests, likes, groups, etc.), to find similar customers to target with your ad content. Facebook identifies the common qualities shared between your customers and other Facebook users to create more qualified target audience(s).

Topics: Social Digital
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2 min read

What you need to know about Google's Customer Match

By GSM on 9/14/20 11:26 AM

What is Customer Match?

Customer Match is a Google audience targeting strategy. Google’s sophisticated technology allows advertisers to use their online and offline data to reach and re-engage their customers, and users who are similar to their customers, across Paid Search, Gmail or other email accounts, YouTube, and Display.

Topics: Digital
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2 min read

What are Google In-Market Audiences?

By GSM on 9/2/20 12:31 PM

Google In-Market Audiences help advertisers reach potential customers while they’re actively researching, browsing, or comparing the types of products and services you sell. In-Market audiences are available across the Google Display Network, Google Partner sites, and YouTube.

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3 min read

Avoid Wasted Ad Spend Using Google's Dayparting

By GSM on 8/26/20 12:57 PM

Is your dealership exhausting its daily budget early in the day by running ads 24/7? This is a common issue, but it can easily be fixed using Google’s dayparting feature. When your dealership is only open around 12 hours a day, there’s no need to keep your ads running around the clock—especially if you are reaching daily ad spend thresholds early in the day.

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5 min read

Why car sales sites aren’t the only options for used vehicle marketing

By GSM on 8/18/20 8:48 AM

Popular car sales websites are a great way to put your used inventory in front of in-market shoppers, but what if we told you there’s an even better way? Digital technology has become so advanced, it can help you target car shoppers in real time—like when they’re searching “Used Honda Civic” or “2018 Hyundai Elantra”. When you pair Digital with Direct or traditional marketing channels, you add more customer touch points that help influence a purchase.

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