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3 min read

What is Paid Search Remarketing (RLSA)?

By GSM on 3/19/20 1:28 PM

The Paid Search landscape is continuing to evolve by diversifying keyword strategies to incorporate audiences. This has allowed businesses to reach more online consumers with ads that are contextually relevant to their search query, intent, location, and more.  

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3 min read

How to Select the Right Ad Extensions for Your Business

By GSM on 3/16/20 2:11 PM

Digital marketing is tricky enough without factoring in the finer details such as paid search ad extensions. However, ad extensions are not only simple to use, but they’re also free to add. Below we’ve outlined a guide to selecting the right ad extensions for your business:

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6 min read

What is the difference between Ad position and Ad Rank?

By GSM on 2/20/20 4:32 PM

How often do you use a search engine? If you’re like most people, then chances are it will be at least once a day. In fact, popular search engine Google receives an incredible average of 40,000 searches every single second – that’s 1.2 trillion searches every year1!

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2 min read

How Does Ad Rank Affect Your Cost-Per-Click (CPC)?

By GSM on 2/18/20 4:31 PM

Digital advertising isn’t quite as simple as it used to be. In order to establish an effective digital marketing campaign, you’ve got to know a little bit about the various factors that affect how your ad will fare amongst your competitors. Factors such as ad rank and cost-per-click are closely intertwined. To remain competitive online, you’ll need a deeper understanding of how they interact.

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5 min read

Paid Search Extensions that Grow Clicks and Conversions

By GSM on 1/27/20 2:31 PM

Paid Search ads are basically sophisticated text ads that are triggered based on a user’s search query. While traditional Paid Search does not enlist flashy images, gifs, video, or audio to help grab viewers’ attention, there are ad extensions. With the help of Google, ad extensions play a key role in capturing attention and driving performance.

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2 min read

[Webinar]: The Biggest Area of Growth for Automotive

By GSM on 10/25/19 10:05 AM

What's 'wrong' with the Paid Search example below? Hint: compare the search query "chevrolet silverado tires" with the search results.

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3 min read

Stay in Your Lane - Smart Paid Search

By GSM on 12/17/18 7:20 AM

Manufacturers and dealer groups spend millions of dollars to drive search results for their brands and their regions. However, all too often, dealerships are bidding on the same terms- competing with their OEMs for visibility. For most dealerships, it’s hard to come close to competing with OEM ad dollars.

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3 min read

Effective Paid Search Pays Off

By GSM on 6/4/18 4:30 PM

Are you wasting budget on a poor Paid Search strategy? 
Paid Search is an extremely valuable channel, but only when it’s backed by a strategic approach. Dealerships across the nation are feeling pressure to invest in digital, but they are falling prey to providers that push for expensive and ineffective Paid Search strategies. It’s time to stop wasting money on a strategy that doesn't drive results.

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