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3 min read

What are Google In-Market Audiences?

9/2/20 12:31 PM

Google In-Market Audiences help advertisers reach potential customers while they’re actively researching, browsing, or comparing the types of products and services you sell. In-Market audiences are available across the Google Display Network, Google Partner sites, and YouTube.

How do In-Market audiences work?

This targeting strategy is designed to grow conversions by using precise segments that classify online users based on their purchase intent and behavior. Google qualifies a user as being in-market for a product or service by considering clicks on related ads, the content of the pages and sits he or she visits, the recency and frequency of the visits, as well as subsequent conversions.

Then, Google categorizes these users into specific groups allowing advertisers to target individuals that are most interested in their products or services. In a nutshell, you’re targeting auto consumers who are ready to purchase a vehicle/part or service their vehicle. Even better, advertisers can increase bids on in-market audiences to better ensure they are reaching these valuable customers when they are searching for their products or services.

Here's an automotive example:

Let’s say your dealership wants to target searchers who are ready for vehicle service. Google finds consumers who are clicking on ads related maintenance (oil change, MPI, etc.), browsing relevant searches (aftermarket service deals, local dealers’ service specials, etc.), viewing consumer reviews and so on, and determines whether these consumers are ready to service. Then, advertisers can adjust their ad messaging to deliver highly relevant ads to this subset of service-ready consumers.

What are the benefits of in-market audience targeting?

Targeting in-market audiences helps dealerships appear at moments of intent to grow conversions across sales and service. It helps expand your reach to consumers who are comparison shopping and those who are researching with the intent to buy. This ensures your dealership is reaching consumers who have demonstrated, or are currently demonstrating, that they are ready to buy.

Another added benefit is that in-market audience targeting allows dealerships to connect with consumers right before they make a purchase decision. Google helps advertisers leverage real-time data to present the right offer at the right time to consumers who are most interested in your products and services—regardless of what site they’re browsing. Showing up at the right time is half the battle but showing up with the right offer seals the deal.

Best uses for in-market audiences

Google recommends combining in-market audiences with retargeting. This helps you’re your volume of conversions by bringing previous site visitors back to the content they browsed on your site. Retargeting in-market audiences also ensures you are driving the most qualified users to your site who have the highest likelihood of conversion.

In-market audiences and the automotive industry

Google provides an “Autos & Vehicles” in-market audience categories to help dealerships reach service and purchase intenders.

An overview of the in-market audience categories for the automotive industry include:

  • Parts and Accessories
  • Repairs and Maintenance
  • Vehicles (new, used, and by brand)
  • Vehicle types by new and used (compact cars, convertibles, coupes, SUVs etc.)

To view all in-market, automotive categories and subcategories, click the following link: VIEW ALL AUTOMOTIVE IN-MARKET AUDIENCESmouse-cursor-click

If your dealership is interested in partnering with GSM for in-market audience targeting or retargeting, email us at:


Written by GSM

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