Stay in Your Lane - Smart Paid Search

Manufacturers and dealer groups spend millions of dollars to drive search results for their brands and their regions. However, all too often, dealerships are bidding on the same terms- competing with their OEMs for visibility. For most dealerships, it’s hard to come close to competing with OEM ad dollars.

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To win high-converting consumers, you need to own your backyard. Winning over local consumers starts with focusing on terms that relate to your Primary Marketing Area (PMA). Let Tier 1 take on the broad, high-funnel search terms typically used by searchers who are farther from making a final purchase or service decision.

High-funnel search terms are general and indicate a consumer that is not close to final purchase or conversion – whether that’s buying a new car or coming in for service. For example, someone searching “Honda Civic” or “Toyota Camry” is still in the research phase. He or she is likely browsing options for their next car, instead of committing to a vehicle purchase. Save your ad-spend and leave the broad, unspecific search terms for your OEM.

In contrast, “Used Toyota Camry Beaumont” is what you should bid on – these people already know they want a Camry, used, and are looking for a local dealership with the best offer. These consumers are further down the purchase funnel and have a much higher chance of converting, ultimately helping your conversion rate.


The more specific the search, the closer the individual is to purchase or service – this indicates someone knows exactly what they want and needs to find a dealership that has it. Consider search phrases or terms that include location (city, state, region), vehicle condition (new, used), model year, service or parts (oil change, brake pads, battery) and even style/customization (lifted, spoiler, with sunroof, leather seating). These specifics, or combinations of them, all point to a consumer that is ready to make a decision. Paid Search doesn’t have to be hard – it has to be smart.



 Looking for help with Paid Search? GSM has your back!

Enjoy a Free Paid Search Evaluation or listen to our webinar: 4 Keys to Qualified Leads with Paid Search