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2 min read

5 Ways to Increase Digital Ad Engagement

1/15/20 3:22 PM

Digital ads are everywhere, but how often do we engage with them? Figuring out how to increase digital ad engagement is the key to generating qualified leads without wasting money on dead end clicks. While digital ad styles continue to change, here are five current ways to increase digital ad engagement:

1) Make It Interactive
The first tip is the most obvious one. If you want people to interact with your digital ads, make them interactive! If there’s a contest entry, people are a lot more likely to pay attention to your advertisement. Quizzes, games, and assessment tools are all excellent ways to encourage people to engage with your ads.

2) Native Ads
Sometimes effective advertising is all about blending in rather than standing out. A native ad blends in with the format of the page it’s on, matching the look and feel of the media format. They’re usually found as recommended content on a web page or in social media feeds. Because they’re non-disruptive, readers can be exposed to advertising content without feeling overwhelmed. The result is 53% more engagement than banner ads1.

3) Paid Search Extensions
For customers who want a little more information before visiting your site, paid search extensions are the key. These will expand your ad with additional information that gives readers more reason to choose your business. They’re a great way of increasing your ad’s click-through-rate.

Paid search extensions often include call buttons, location information, and additional text that makes your ad much more prominent on the search results page.

4) Mobile-Friendly Ads
Mobile is the fastest growing digital ad format, and with good reason. Smartphones have gone from being a luxury to being a necessity in today’s modern world. If your digital ads aren’t mobile-friendly, you run the risk of neglecting a huge portion of your potential customer base.

5) Social Media Advertising
Almost every major company nowadays has a social media profile on sites from Instagram to Twitter. Companies know that social media is an ideal way to reach their digital audience, and this is true in more ways than one.

Social media advertising gives you the ability to insert your own brand messaging into people’s social news feed. This makes them more likely to engage with your advertisements the same way they would engage with one of their follower’s posts.

Final thoughts
People are more likely to engage with digital ads that meet them where they’re at. By airing ads that blend seamlessly into people’s newsfeed or web experience, you’ll experience higher rates of engagement and generate more qualified leads. It’s not difficult to master the art of digital advertisement; all it takes is a little research and a few tips along the way.


1 Outbrain

Written by GSM

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