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2 min read

[Infographic] The Omnichannel Digital Dealership

4/16/18 12:05 PM

There’s no doubt that the automotive consumer journey has changed as a result of emerging technologies and changing consumer preferences. Every generation is picking up new buying habits as digital and online tools make for a quicker and easier car shopping experience. From browse to buy, the pressure is on to meet the high expectations and high standards at each point in the automotive consumer journey.

In order to have an omnichannel strategy work for your dealership, you need to market the way customers want to buy.



Dealers need an omnichannel marketing solution to synchronize messaging across their marketing mix. This not only simplifies the creation and execution of marketing efforts, but it also enables you to reduce costs and improve the effectiveness of your campaigns by reaching the right people through the right channel at the right time.

Relevancy and consistency heavily influence the customer experience. Managing campaigns across multiple channels allows dealerships to create a meaningful brand presence in customers’ lives. It allows you to connect with and engage customers even as they switch devices or channels. A brand experience tailored to customers' needs and interests creates stronger, more trusting relationships.

Omnichannel Dealer Benefits

  • Reach more of your customer base. More channels=more opportunities.
  • Higher customer engagement. Customers will start to recognize your brand’s consistent messaging and creative that appeals to their wants and needs.
  • More effective ad spend. Reach more of the right people with a relevant message.
  • More relevant and personalized experiences with your dealership messaging. Centralized data and inter-connectivity between channels creates consistent, compelling messaging and offers.
  • Awareness and Recognition. Consistent content across channels helps customers recognize and remember your dealership more easily.
  • Higher conversion rate. The more your brand appears on multiple devices at critical times, the likelihood of conversion increases.
  • Lower customer churn. Develop trust with your customers by creating virtual, one-on-one relationships.



Written by GSM

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