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3 min read

Ten Benefits of AI in Digital Marketing (Part 2)

8/11/20 9:08 AM

Part 1 of GSM’s AI series covered the first five benefits that AI can bring to digital marketing including: enhanced personalization, dynamic pricing, improved customer service, PPC ad optimization, and SEO optimization.

Part 2 of the series covers the remaining five benefits—let’s dig in!

  1. Optimizing when and where to promote digital ads

Not all channels perform equally for each lead, plus it takes time and experimentation to discover which of your channels are driving leads and how. This is where AI makes waves.

In real-time, AI-powered software automatically selects the best channels for each marketing campaign to target specific leads. It does this by analyzing consumer’s interactions with a brand and placing content where it has the highest chance of converting a lead.

In terms of timing, it isn’t enough to rely on industry standards for the “best days and times to post on [channel].” Kiss guesswork goodbye, because AI automatically calculates the best times for posting ads on each marketing channel, for each individual user. It’s that easy!

  1. Cost and time savings via automated processes

AI is great at performing repetitive tasks, which frees up time and resources for your marketing team to follow up with leads or create strategic marketing plans. For example, with AI-powered marketing automation, tasks such as personalizing an email for each recipient only takes one click.

AI can personalize content, such as bulk email deliveries, so your marketing team doesn’t have to send one-off emails or copy and paste user information into each individual communication. This helps boost your team’s productivity and allows for more time to dedicate to other opportunities where humans outperform computers. Overall, AI boosts sales while reducing time and resources spent on optimizing and retargeting leads.

  1. Data processing

Using AI to process large quantities of data helps avoid errors that a human sometimes makes. When it comes to number crunching mass data, leave it to the machines! This technology is basically a data analyst with superpowers.

AI software can gather and merge data from multiple sources in order to combine intelligence for insights while also avoiding duplicate data. It processes large amounts of data and identifies trends or patters that can help guide your marketing strategy and communications.

  1. Predicting and understanding customer behavior

What AI provides is the ability to uncover patterns of human intent and determine the multiple drivers that are likely contributing to their decisions. This is extremely important because no two customers are exactly alike. This also takes into account the differences of customers’ demographics, where they are (geographies), and even the time of year that often affects purchasing decisions for certain products or services.

By using statistical models and predictive analytics, AI can predict a customer’s future behavior based on their past behavior and personal characteristics. AI enables your marketing team to anticipate the actions of a customer in order to deliver highly relevant messages and nurture them throughout their unique purchase cycle. AI also identifies the most valuable leads, so your sales team can concentrate on them instead of wasting time on leads that aren’t ready to convert.

  1. More accurate business intelligence to guide decisions

Not only is AI much faster and more accurate at processing data, it also learns from the data and adjusts accordingly. This continuous feedback loop provides the ability to continuously improve performance and scale as new norms are introduced. Competition online is a battleground. AI and its intelligent processes help create more relevant content quickly, to beat out the competition and place it in the right time and the right place.

The wrap up

If you’re not using AI, you’re already falling behind. It has a profound impact on sales, marketing, and customer service that will only improve with time. In basic terms, AI can provide personalization across the customer journey and use predictive modeling to achieve better outcomes at every customer interaction. With the help of intelligent software, you gain new insights about your customers and automatically deliver marketing content at the right time for the best chance of a conversion.


Topics: Digital

Written by GSM

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