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4 min read

The Direct Mail Checklist for Success

9/26/18 1:33 PM

Before you send off your next direct mail campaign, consider the following tips below. This checklist includes big-picture strategies that you can use in all of your direct mail campaigns to maximize your success.

Direct Mail Checklist for Success

Download Checklist as PDF


Database_Database 1-4DATA-FIRST APPROACH

Your direct mail is only as accurate as your data. Make sure your data set is up-to-date and accurate to reach the right customers with the right offer at the right time. Don’t let your database cripple your marketing efforts or weaken your sales intelligence. Nearly 1/4th of your database is inaccurate by year’s end1.




Create a direct mail calendar. Sending out direct mail on a consistent basis helps with top-of-mind awareness and also reinforces messaging.



ContentRelevancy_Content Relevancy


Where is the consumer in the automotive customer journey? What are their unique needs during this time? Target customers based on their loyalty to your service department or their vehicle’s current needs. Lack of content relevancy generates 83% lower response rates in the average marketing campaign2.




Calling anyone out by their name is sure to get their attention! Make the customer experience a personal one; show them you know who they are and you have what they need. Personalization reduces acquisition costs as much as 50%, lifts revenues by 5-15%, and increases the efficiency of marketing spend by 10-30%3.


CustomerValue_Icon_Customer ValueCUSTOMER BENEFIT

Facts or features aren’t why customers buy something; benefits are. How does your vehicle, service, or part provide what the customer needs? Consider benefits such as reliability, cost savings, or safety. 




Your CTA needs to be in plain sight and easy to understand. The consumer should instantly know what to do after reading your CTA: call to schedule a service appointment, book a test drive online, visit your service specials page etc.

For even higher returns, consider personalizing your Calls To Action. Personalized CTAs convert 42% better than generic CTAs that appear the same for every visitor4.



Combine direct mail with your other marketing channels – it should not stand alone. An omnichannel, automotive customer journey helps with response rates, top-of-mind awareness, and conversions. Businesses that adopt omnichannel strategies achieve 91% greater year-over-year customer retention rates compared to business that don’t5.



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Written by GSM

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