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3/26/18 2:39 PM

In 2018, millennials are single-handedly the nation’s largest living generation with ages ranging from 21- 37. Why is this important for dealers and marketers alike? Because, this generation now holds the largest share of the American workforce and has the most spending power of any generation – ever! This year alone, millennials are projected to have a spending power of $3.39 trillion, providing dealers with endless opportunities to win big with this generation.

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Breaking down stereotypes

This tech-savvy generation of social media gurus has developed a strong reputation for being constantly glued to their smartphones, only consuming digital and social media. However, that’s hardly the case. Millennials are unique in that they find novelty in what’s considered ‘old-fashioned’- bringing mustaches, vinyl records, Polaroid cameras, and vintage clothing back into the fold of what’s considered trendy. Along with this taste for ‘old-school’ novelties, millennials are readily consuming direct mail.

Not convinced? Let’s take a closer look at millennial direct mail consumption:


Concluding Tips to Appeal to Millennials

  • Marry print with digital: millennials are highly engaged with direct mail, but they also consume a lot of digital content. Use both print and digital whenever possible by including your website URL, social media sites, or by coordinating email delivery with mail delivery time frames. Match your display advertising and social ads with your direct mail creative to create a seamless customer experience with your marketing message. Even better, retarget site visitors to keep your content top-of-mind. It’s a win-win.
  • Create a connection: millennials aren’t kids anymore. They are adults with needs and a lot of spending power to match. Customize and personalize direct mail to develop a stronger relationship with your millennial customers early on. This will help you create long lasting relationships and a higher customer lifetime value.
  • Keep it short and easy: make sure your content focuses on the consumer value. Let consumers know exactly what they’re getting up-front.
  • Be genuine: avoid hard-sell language and be transparent about your offering(s).


Written by GSM

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