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2 min read

Lifecycle Offer Strategies for Fixed Ops

4/1/19 9:08 AM

With over 30 years in the biz, GSM knows tried and true methods for driving customer acquisition and retention. Follow along with us as we discuss the best offer strategies to use throughout the automotive lifecycle.

Let’s start with an example.

How many retail stores showcase the same offer to you across multiple websites or channels? Is it relevant to your wants and needs? Often, the offer isn’t appealing enough to get you into their store or to browse their website. Why? They’re likely reaching out to you at the wrong time, or you’re simply not interested in the company or its offerings.

Luckily, GSM knows how to create compelling offer strategies that interest customers and motivate them to come to your dealership for parts or service.

Offer strategy best practices

  • Consider all channels and how they interact: what are you offering on every channel and how do these channels interact?
  • Use %-off and $-off strategically: provide variety in your offerings by using a combination of %-off and $-off.
  • Set off ranges or minimums: variable discount coupons work well with this strategy.
    Offer examples:
    • Get $5 off an oil change, but if you spend $50 you get an extra $10-off.
    • Get $50 off if you spend $200 at ABC Dealership.
  • Small gestures can drive conversions: include dealership brags on offers and list your amenities. Try getting involved in the local community through volunteering, hosting events, or partnering with a non-profit.
  • Always use an expiration date: expiration dates add a sense of urgency and help eliminate confusion.
  • Don’t compete with yourself: the lowest price doesn’t always win. Yes, it makes you competitive, but don’t give away your gross revenue up-front by thinking you need to have the lowest price.
Want to learn how to set up competitive offers throughout the entire parts and service lifecycle? You’re in luck! Click the button below to listen to GSM's free, on-demand webinar:

Listen Now

GSM’s free, on-demand webinar includes:

  • Lifecycle Cadence ordering – how to set up offers throughout the entire parts and service lifecycle
  • Mile-interval strategy recommendations
  • Sample lifecycle cadence
  • Problem-solution coupons and why they work so well
  • A complimentary Lifecycle Marketing Assessment
    • Trained Lifecycle Marketing Specialist Review
    • Review includes offer cadence, priced offer review, and written suggestions


Written by GSM

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