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3 min read

Declined Service Marketing

5/30/18 3:06 PM

Keep your customers safe--
Declined service marketing should never be overlooked. It is a protective measure for consumers and dealerships alike. Failure to recommend a declined service repair could cost your dealership millions, or worse, it could cost a customer’s life. Informing customers of declined service repairs not only protects their safety, but it also prevents further damage to their vehicle and establishes trust with your dealership.


Declined service marketing is often viewed as an empty opportunity because consumers have already refused the recommended service. However, that is hardly the case. This valuable segment protects consumers, while opening a large source of untapped revenue for your dealership. In particular, declined service marketing brings about three highly coveted benefits – first and foremost customer safety, followed by increased dollars per repair order (RO), and increased service customer retention. The good news is, GSM can help you protect your customers and your dealership’s growth.


GSM’s Lifecycle Marketing platform, powered by atom
GSM’s Lifecycle Marketing platform allows dealers to target declined service customers via both mail and email. These triggered communications are engineered to drive customer engagement by using personalized messaging, multiple calls-to-action such as click-to-schedule service buttons, and coupons specific to the actual declined service. These carefully crafted communications create a spike in revenue by reinforcing the value of the service for the customer’s vehicle, and by offering a discount for the declined service.


GSM’s Lifecycle Marketing customers targeting declined service customers see remarkable results[1]:

  1. Increased dollars per repair order
    • National Average = $357/declined service
    • Some regions have experienced averages as high as $465/repair order
  2. Increased service customer retention (SCR)
    • The top ten dealers using declined service communications experienced a 1.30% growth in customer retention year over year.
  3. High response rates
    • National Average = 8.5%
    • Some regions have experienced average response rates as high as 12.3%


Don’t Overlook Declined Service Marketing
If you aren’t already targeting declined service customers, consider using GSM’s Lifecycle Marketing platform to do it for you. This platform automatically sends customers a direct mail piece and an email with coupons for the declined service to encourage follow through. Activating the trigger is cost-free, builds trust with your consumers, and can bring in thousands of dollars for your dealership. Keep your customers safe and add declined service customers into your target mix.


Curious about declined service marketing with GSM? Click 'Contact Us' to find out how we can help you:

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[1] February 2018, GSM proprietary data
Photo Source: Automotive News, Ford store hit with big verdict for not properly recommending repairs


Written by GSM

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