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5 min read

GSM Launches New Toyota Life Cycle Marketing Solution, OCP+

7/19/18 3:45 PM

Big news from GSM
The automotive industry is a niche market, making it extremely competitive for marketing providers like GSM. This means these companies must quickly and continually adapt to any change in order to provide clients with innovative and effective solutions. To continue helping our Toyota clients look like rock stars, GSM has launched a new Life Cycle Marketing solution called OCP+ at the most competitive price. 


To learn more about OCP+, please follow the link below:

Learn More about OCP+mouse-cursor-click

What is OCP+?
The OCP+ solution builds off of GSM's existing OCPe program (atomEssentials) and provides four new customer segments to help grow market share and SCR (Service Customer Retention). 

OCP+ gives your dealership the chance to add new VINs for your OCPe communications - up to 25-35% more! Each additional VIN will receive mail and email, and will also be included in On Demand email blasts.

This program focuses on gaining repeat visits from consumers, not one-offs. Multiple consecutive visits (2 or more) to your dealership automatically assigns these consumers to your SCRd, so they can receive your marketing communications.

Why OCP+?
OCP+ helps add more consumers to your marketable database by increasing consecutive service visits to your dealership. On average, 15% of  your non-consecutive service consumers respond to your marketing and return to your dealership for a second appointment.1

New Segment Overview

  • Capture
  • ToyotaCare Plus
  • Warranty Only
  • New to PMA



Customers who have not been assigned to your SCRd but have visited your dealership and completed a CPRO within the past 12 months. Communicating to these customers is critical for increasing your SCRd.

Goal: Generate a second CPRO to qualify for OCPe communications



Customers who have purchased ToyotaCare Plus at any dealership. These customers are not communicated to by the ToyotaCare or OCPe programs.

Even if your dealership does not sell ToyotaCare Plus, you still want to communicate to these consumers to develop a relationship with them when their warranty period has ended. Increase their likelihood of returning for service to your dealership.

Goal: Increase service redemptions at 30K, 35K, 40K, and 45K intervals; Defector item sales



Customers who have completed warranty or recall repairs at your dealership within the past 12 months. These customers are not communicated to by OCPe programs.

Goal: Increase customer pay repair order revenue (CPRO); Improve retention



Customers who have recently moved into your PMA (Primary Marketing Area). These customers are no longer communicated to by OCPe programs.

50% of all consumers who move purchase a vehicle within the next 6 months.2 Get your dealership in front of them for awareness and recognition, so your dealership is top-of-mind for repurchase or trade-ins.

Goal: Grow sales and service market share; Increase revenue


What's in it for you? Dealer benefits include:

  • $49:$1 average ROI3
  • Continual communication with your database - no gaps or pauses!
  • Larger target audience for more revenue-generating opportunities
  • Engage consumers that are not in your SCRd
  • Increase market share
  • Increase customer retention


1,2,3 GSM Proprietary Data

Written by GSM

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