Royal Moore Toyota Embraces Lifecycle Marketing

For many dealerships like Hillsboro, Oregon’s Royal Moore Toyota, embracing innovations in marketing is extremely important. Dealerships are seeing that today’s auto shopping experience[...]

GSM Launches New Toyota Life Cycle Marketing Solution, OCP+

Big news from GSM The automotive industry is a niche market, making it extremely competitive for marketing providers like GSM. This means these companies must quickly and continually adapt to any[...]

Why retention strategies need digital fixed ops marketing

The industry-wide challenge-- Your service department provides more opportunities for sales and revenue than any other department; however, dealerships across the nation are losing customers left and[...]

Mobile and Automotive Marketing

Mobile marketing in the automotive life cycle If you care about consumer engagement, you can’t ignore mobile. Mobile is arguably the most important part of a modern marketing mix because smartphones[...]

GSM Helps 'Dare To Care' Organization

As part of The Friedkin Group, GSM values regularly giving back to the local community through volunteer opportunities or donations. Recently, our Louisville team volunteered at the Dare To Care Food[...]

Effective Paid Search Pays Off

Are you wasting budget on a poor Paid Search strategy?  Paid Search is an extremely valuable channel, but only when it’s backed by a strategic approach. Dealerships across the nation are feeling[...]

Declined Service Marketing

Keep your customers safe-- Declined service marketing should never be overlooked. It is a protective measure for consumers and dealerships alike. Failure to recommend a declined service repair could[...]

Influence Consumers' Buying Behavior

To remain competitive, dealers need to align their marketing with the way buyers think, research, and purchase. You attract people to your dealership by being helpful, relevant, and personal(ized).[...]

GSM's Cinco De Mayo Celebration

Recently, GSM's Houston office celebrated Cinco de Mayo with a colorful in-office celebration. The party featured homemade guacamole, queso, and salsa competitions, a photo station, and themed games.[...]

GSM's Associate Recognition Day

Every year, The Friedkin Group recognizes the hard work and success of its associates by having an "Associate Recognition Day." Associates join in celebration of their accomplishments for the[...]