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Recent Posts

5 min read

Paid Search Extensions that Grow Clicks and Conversions

By GSM on 1/27/20 2:31 PM

Paid Search ads are basically sophisticated text ads that are triggered based on a user’s search query. While traditional Paid Search does not enlist flashy images, gifs, video, or audio to help grab viewers’ attention, there are ad extensions. With the help of Google, ad extensions play a key role in capturing attention and driving performance.

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3 min read

Why dealers need a mobile-first digital strategy

By GSM on 1/20/20 12:55 PM

Look around your dealership. What are your customers doing? Presumably, the majority of them are glued to their phones – checking social media, browsing the internet, or reading the news. Some may even be sending out a quick text or ending a call while still in the service drive.

As a matter of fact, 53% of the customers at your dealership are comparing prices for vehicles at other dealerships, and 40% are finding prices for your vehicles on their smartphones1. Not to mention, 25% of all automotive searches are parts, service, and maintenance related2. What does this mean? It means dealers need a strong mobile and digital strategy to show up for parts, service, and new car searches.

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2 min read

5 Ways to Increase Digital Ad Engagement

By GSM on 1/15/20 3:22 PM

Digital ads are everywhere, but how often do we engage with them? Figuring out how to increase digital ad engagement is the key to generating qualified leads without wasting money on dead end clicks. While digital ad styles continue to change, here are five current ways to increase digital ad engagement:

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3 min read

How Direct Mail Remains Effective in The Digital Age

By GSM on 1/9/20 2:11 PM

You’ve heard it time and time again: direct mail is dead. But as much as the recent technological advances may make you think no one reads snail mail anymore, the reality is that direct mail marketing is still incredibly effective. 

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7 min read

The Top Five Marketing Trends of 2019 - What Worked and What Didn't

By GSM on 1/6/20 3:20 PM

A 2019 Marketing 'Look Back'

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4 min read

Why New Doesn't Always Mean Better for Auto Industry Marketers

By GSM on 12/12/19 10:51 AM

Global advertising spend is expected to exceed half a trillion dollars for the fourth year in a row, and American brands are once again fueling that growth. The main difference this year is that U.S. companies are expected to spend more on digital advertising than traditional media, with digital predicted to account for 54.2% of total advertising.

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4 min read

Keeping Customers Coming Back Post-Purchase

By GSM on 11/12/19 10:45 AM

In the aftermath of a big purchase, customers want to feel confident about the value they’re getting. This means they still need service, support, information and more from the dealership.

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2 min read

[Webinar]: The Biggest Area of Growth for Automotive

By GSM on 10/25/19 10:05 AM

What's 'wrong' with the Paid Search example below? Hint: compare the search query "chevrolet silverado tires" with the search results.

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3 min read

Why it's an exciting time to join GSM

By GSM on 10/10/19 9:45 AM

Why does the Fall season always bring about a sense of energy, yet also reflection? Maybe it’s a sense of relief that Houston is finally experiencing temps dip below 90 degrees again? Or maybe it’s because this time of year pushes us to remember the excitement we felt as kids as we watch our own children go back to school to soak up all they can learn?

Topics: GSM Culture
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6 min read

3 Ways to Turn Casual Customers Into Brand Ambassadors

By GSM on 8/14/19 9:09 AM

For marketers, one challenge remains paramount: getting your message to stand out from the noise that consumers encounter daily. As brands continue to flood the market with their own unique messaging, marketing regulations are working to keep the public from growing weary.

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