GSM's Associate Recognition day


[Infographic] The Omnichannel Digital Dealership

There’s no doubt that the automotive consumer journey has changed as a result of emerging technologies and changing consumer preferences. Every generation is picking up new buying habits as digital[...]

Steven Toyota Adopts Lifecycle Marketing

 Steven Toyota Partners with GSM to Gain Success Driven Strategies for Dealership GSM helps their clients look like a rock star with Lifecycle Marketing

GSM at The FIT company challenge

For the second year in a row, GSM and other fellow Friedkin Group associates participated in the annual FIT company challenge, a 3-course fitness contest designed for all fitness levels, ages, and[...]

Why People Like Direct Mail

Consumers remember and react better to print advertising; perhaps because our world has become so saturated with digital content causing ‘digital fatigue.’

Understanding Omnichannel Marketing

 The Difference Between Omnichannel and Multichannel Marketing One of the biggest marketing challenges, especially in the automotive industry, is keeping clients’ interactions consistent across[...]


In 2018, millennials are single-handedly the nation’s largest living generation with ages ranging from 21- 37. Why is this important for dealers and marketers alike? Because, this generation now[...]

GSM's annual chili cookout

One of GSM's core values is 'FUN.' We try to incorporate social events into our work life whenever possible. We have a dedicated team, called Pulse, that helps GSM coordinate internal events as well[...]

Digital Dominates TV - Why you Need an Omnichannel Marketing Strategy

TV is no longer the best and only answer to reaching your target market.  Shifting consumer consumption habits are forcing advertisers to use an omnichannel approach to get their message[...]

Pinpointing Prospects - How to Intelligently Increase Your Market Share

It should come as no surprise that prospecting is a necessary evil in the automotive industry. Prospecting has become smarter, more accurate, and more accessible as more technology and communication[...]